Battle Creek Census Information

Underground railroad statue in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan.

Examining the census information on a city can be a dry subject, but it is interesting to know how big the population density is.  As of the 2010 Census, the city of Battle Creek had a population of 52,347 with a total number of occupied homes at 21,118.  Within these owner-occupied homes, there were a total of 32,181 residents.  At the same time there were a total of 8319 renter-occupied residences with a population of 18,767 people. There were also 3159 vacant homes, with 1224 of them for rent and 544 for sale at the time the census was taken.

In the population count there were 25,073 males and 27,275 females.  In regards to age, there were 13,644 under the age of 18 and 38,703 over the age of 18.

It is also interesting to note the demographics of 71.7% white, 18.2% African American and 7% Asian and Native American.

Now this information was taken from the city of Battle Creek proper, and it does not include the surround areas.  Marshall for example was counted as a total population of 7088 people, with a total of 1988 owner-occupied homes with a population in those homes of 4784.  They had a total of 1104 renter-occupied residences with a population of 2174.

Downtown Battle Creek

The Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek

By comparison, the Athens village (also in Calhoun county) had a population of 1024 residents with a total of 311 owner occupied homes with a population on those homes of 826.  They listed a total of 76 renter-occupied residences with a population on those homes of 198.

When you look at the County population numbers for Calhoun County, you will see a population total of 136,146 with a total of 37,707 owner occupied homes and a population of 94,757 people in those homes.  There were a total of 16,309 renter occupied properties with a population of 37114 in them.

Doing a cursory review of population data can be interesting.  When one looks at these figures independently or combined, it paints but one aspect of the overall picture.  It can serve as a great guide for understanding a community.  From this information we learn that 38% of the people living in the County reside in Battle Creek.  Of this population, 56% of the owner-occupied homes in the county are in Battle Creek, along with 51% of the rental homes.

50% of the people who rent in the entirety of Calhoun County reside in Battle Creek, and only 34% of the people who live in a owner-occupied home reside in the city.

Interesting to look at isn’t it?