My newest book: Land Contract Homes for Investors

As a Realtor and now an author, I just finished my second book entitled: Land Contract Homes for Investors. It continues on the topic of the first book I wrote on this subject (Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream) and expands upon the viewpoint of the investor and how they can take advantage of the opportunities in seller financing.

Seller financing offers opportunities for buyers who need time to repair a credit history before they can qualify for a conventional home loan, or even one of the incredible government type loans such as FHA, Rural Development or VA loans.

Seller financing through the means of a Land Contract provides a bridge between a time when someone has shaky credit,Land Contract Homes for Investors and when they will have recovered credit and qualify for a lower interest conventional loan of some sort.  This second book on the subject expands into the benefits for investors, and encourages them to really look at the investment potential of seller financing through means of a Land Contract or ‘Contract for Deed’ as it is sometimes called.

The book covers how to examine an investment home, get started, find capital and even what is most important in the Land Contracts themselves.  A new investor will also learn how to market and find qualified applicants, as well as how to screen applicants and what records are important to keep on file.

More importantly this book addresses the subject of profit versus purpose, and how the true purpose behind an activity of investment real estate is helping people become homeowners, and fill an ever constant demand out in the world for housing.

People will live somewhere.  They will either rent or buy a home, but they will always need to live somewhere.  This book discusses how to make this activity a win-win scenario for everyone.

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