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Hello again!  I have been away for awhile in writing to this blog.  I have been working on expanding my personal publishing business and getting my eBook into print in the last few months.  I am happy to let everyone know that A Sample of some of Michael's booksas a Battle Creek resident and author I now have six of my books available in print, and two more to be released before Thanksgiving!

My website: is where I have all my current print books listed at this time, but they are also available through Amazon and other retailers.  To check out my author page on Amazon, go to: Delaware

I have also established a Goodreads page as well, which is here:

Finally, you can take time to ‘Like’ my Facebook page at:

As you can see I have been very busy on other projects in the last few months, but I will be posting more local articles again soon about the Battle Creek Community here.

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